How The World’s Healthiest People Live Life

Who is the best person to ask about the secret to staying young? Ask the experts- they can provide you with good advice that has been proven through years of experience.
So far, the people who live in Okinawa are said to be the healthiest people in the world. How do we come up with such data? Well for starters, it is in Okinawa where we can see the most number of people who have reached the age of 100 and above. Americans are three times less likely to achieve this age their population. Incidence of heart diseases is also relatively lower in Okinawa as compared to the U.S. Cases of breast and prostate cancer, colon and ovarian cancer; hip fractures are very minimal too.
Would you be interested to know their secret to a healthy and much longer life? It can be very simple and really easy.
Secret #1 is having a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Okinawans are happy go lucky people. They do not worry much; especially over small things that you really do not need to worry about. This makes then less likely to become stressed. At work, they work without pressuring themselves and they do things in a relaxed pace. These ways of life that is relaxed and free of stress is what experts believe have kept them healthy and alive longer.
Secret #2 is cultivating a strong relationship with people. A favorite activity of Okinawans is going out with their family and friends, to chat, laugh or just offer support. Studies have shown that people are healthier when they live an active social life. They actually have lower risk of getting sick.
Secret #3 is eating a healthy diet. The Okinawan diet consists of fish that has a high protein content and omega-3 oils and plant food that contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is actually very simple and wholesome. They also consume a relatively smaller amount of calories per day ? 500 to 1,000 calories less than that of what an average intake of an American is. A healthy and low calorie diet lessens their chances of becoming obese and gives them a healthier and longer life.
Secret # 4 is exercise. Most of the Okinawans exercise. They either do this by walking or working in their gardens at home or by doing tai chi, a traditional martial art.
Secret # 5 is avoid bad habits. You can only find a few old Okinawans who smoke and drink alcohol.
The sad truth is the future generations of Okinawans have less chances of living a healthy and longer life. The younger generation has become exposed to a modern and commercial diet. In fact, the younger generation already has a higher rate of obesity. Another health risk that the younger generation has taken is getting involved in bad health habits ? 60% of them are now smokers.
It would really make sense if the younger generation followed the example that the elder generation has shown. A positive attitude, strong interpersonal relationships, regular exercises, eating a wholesome and light diet, working with less pressure and stress, and free from the bad habits of smoking and alcoholic drinking. Simply put, this is the secret of the Okinawans on living a healthy, happy and longer life.